Talk to the Anthropology Department at Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad
18 November 2022
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In celebration of UN Oceans Day, here is a short video in support of sharks, featuring 'Sharksavers' Adam (4 yo) and his sister Amal (2 yo).
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Motivational talk to the Team

Motivational talk to the Team

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Call to arms - pre-opening motivational talk to the Team at OFFTO Resort, Karimabad, Gilgit Baltistan
Sustainability is a comprehensive concept that acts as the base of all environmentally friendly systems; in ecology, it means to maintain a process or cycle at a rate that can continue on its own. Sustainable processes avoid inputs that consume natural resources in an effort to uphold ecological harmony. Whether it’s in tourism, agriculture, energy use, or personal habits, prioritizing sustainability is crucial to reduce a system’s environmental impact.
Emerging from COVID
and Sustainability Issues

Some thoughts for getting your business back on track after the ravages of Covid, and how HSCS can help you.
UN World Ocean Day
08 June 2020
In celebration of UN World Oceans Day, interview on RTHK Radio 3 on Skype in Hong Kong, hosted by  Phil Whelan and with Andrea Richey, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and myself.
My career in hospitality and tourism, work on marine conservation, world feeding programmes, environmental issues and my books;  
all covered in a great interview on Pakistan Television (PTV) with Sharmeen Ali in the 'Sky is the Limit'. 
This is about sustainability issues and the responsibility that the tourism and hospitality industries must have towards the preservation of the oceans.
Sadly, our track record is appalling and needs to be vastly improved.