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HSCS is now also engaged in promoting the very best of Pakistan. It is a country steeped in culture and history, as well as being the guardian and keeper for the magnificent Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalaya Mountain ranges. Ancient civilisations lived and flourished here before the Pharoes of Egypt and watched as invading armies, such as Alexander the Great's and Genghis Khan's, came and went.


Today, the country is perhaps the world's greatest tourism destination secret waiting to be discovered. Through HSCS and it's associates, we arrange a wide range of tours and excursions to suit everyone and we tailor them to suit your interest, taste for adventure, time available and your budget. ​​

the wonders of PAKISTAN

Our expeditions are always a bit different from those offered by others. Day trips can take you under cover to investigate the real hearts of the great towns and cities, the arts and skills of their artisans, sample the glorious and distinctive cuisines, explore the bazaars and throwbacks to the days of the Raj and before. Whether you want to explore the Karakorum Highway and surrounding majestic mountains or take a camel safari through the Cholistan Dessert. Perhaps you prefer to immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of this ancient and magnificent land or to uncover the foundations of Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Possibly you’d like to learn about the little known world-beating industries of Pakistan, from precision surgical instruments, to fabrics and linen production, sports goods and leather manufacturing. Maybe, though, you want indulge in adventure, climbing some of the world’s highest peaks, go skiing or scuba diving, white water rafting or paragliding…the list is endless and we have it all to offer you in this wonderful, yet little known or understood country.

In the promotion of safe and sustainable tourism in Pakistan... 

OUR PURPOSE is to offer high quality, personalised tours and excursions to a discerning, mostly international clientele, along with escort and guiding services to mountaineering expeditions, film documentary productions and news media crews.


OUR MISSION is threefold:

1. We aim to provide interesting travel experiences and capitalise on the vast variety of opportunities that exist for tourism in Pakistan. 

2. We strive to promote sustainable tourism, being highly conscious of the negative impact that the industry can have on the environment.

3. We seek to promote the welfare of artisan working people and help them to benefit from the growth in tourism. 


Accordingly, OUR VALUES mean that we offer reliability and total commitment to our customers and other stakeholders. We value integrity and understand that trust has to be earned. We are also committed to the environment and sustainability issues.

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Shah Jahan Mosque
Rama Manir Temple
Faisal Mosque
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