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Madagascar – rich in minerals, precious metals and one of the world’s largest repositories of Sapphires.


Marc Chatagnier – the ruthless Chairman of The Chatagnier Corporation, a large family run conglomerate with roots going back to the early days of the Unione Corse crime syndicate. 


Chatagnier sets about replacing the corrupt government of Madagascar with his own appointed puppet regime, leaving him a clear field to operate unhindered and make a fortune from mining the precious gems. However, another predator from the Russian Mafia is also eyeing up Chatagnier’s enterprises with greedy and hostile intent. It is not long before the two forces are locked in bloody, corporate combat. 


Private adventurers engaging in regime change of sovereign nations does not sit well with the international community and British Intelligence operative, John Styles, is tasked with investigating the corruption and bringing down its leaders. 


From a freezing winter in St Petersburg to the foul smelling waterways of Bangkok and the idyllic serenity of the Maldives to the sweltering rain forests of Madagascar, the action builds to a final showdown in rural England and a Henley Royal Regatta that nobody will ever forget.

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