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Our greatest concern is that you are safe and able to fully enjoy your time with us. Accordingly, we reserve the right to match these programmes to your experience and skills, age and level of fitness.

Terms & Conditions
for Tours

The following terms and conditions will apply when making a booking. Certain trips may require additional terms, of which you will be notified at the time of booking. By booking one of our tours, you and your party agree to accept the following:
  1. Fees to be paid in full at the time of booking. 

  2. Cancellation policy: varies according to tour, but unless specified otherwise,

    • Full refund if cancelled 2 weeks before tour date

    • 50% refund if cancelled 1 week before tour date

    • 25% refund if cancelled up to 3 days before tour date

    • No-refundable after 72 hours prior to departure

  3. Dress code: generally you should wear casual, discreet and respectful clothing suitable for the season, and practical walking shoes.

  4. No smoking while on the tour with the group in public.

  5. There will be no littering on our tours. Garbage and waste should be placed in containers, which we will provide, and be responsibly disposed of at a later time.

  6. All luggage and hand bags are the responsibility of the owner and should be kept locked and secure.

  7. Tips are included in the package but additional gratuities may be given at your discretion.

  8. For the benefit of fellow group members, punctuality is imperative. The tour will leave without you if you are more than 10 minutes late for a rendezvous without notifying the tour leader.

  9. Copies of Passports, CNICs and NOCs (if appropriate - it is your responsibility to ascertain if this is the case) are required from all group members at the time of booking. Original documents should be carried with you. 

  10. Copies of COVID vaccination certificates are required at the time of booking and should be carried with you on the tour. 

  11. The tour leader's decision in final in any matter arising. Disputes may be taken up with management after the tour.

  12. We try to offer as much flexibility as possible in all of our tours and are happy to modify the programme to accommodate your preferences. Accordingly, prices and costs of tours will be advised at the time of booking enquiry.

For further details about prices, bookings and all other queries, please contact us here.

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