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We believe that there is nothing more important than education and training. There is no age limit to acquiring knowledge and we are experienced speakers, trainers and coaches.

Both Charles and Greg are experienced Motivational Speakers and are currently actively engaged delivering lectures and facilitating workshops and seminars in Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and East Africa, with previous addresses in many countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Oman and Jordan.


The following programmes and topics are offered for all levels of employees, adapted to suit the groups' requirements. They are not necessarily specific to hospitality and bespoke programmes can be also be arranged. 

  1. Managing Aspirations and Ambition - Making it Happen

  2. Strategic Planning - the Two Lions Approach

  3. Effective Leadership and Decision Making

  4. Future Shock - The Inevitability of Change  

  5. Corporate Social Responsibility - Pain or Pleasure?

  6. Emotional Intelligence and Communicating

  7. Inspirational Motivation

  8. From Trust to Control - The Evolving Role of the General Manager 

A. Principal Topics
  1. Hospitality Meets Sustainability

  2. Integrity, Values and Ethics in                 Business 

  3. Passion, Innovation and                           Accountability

  4. The Need for Humility 

  5. The School of Hard Knocks

  6. The Importance of Teamwork

B. Supplementary themes