Finding solutions to the plight of Mombasa’s disenfranchised youth was the highly anticipated theme of Charles Barker’s seminars on Friday evening. The first presentation was to a crowd of hundreds of young men and women, whose future employment and prospects of achieving their true potential are uncertain. Practical advice was proposed and a realistic approach to moving forward was discussed and vigorously debated afterwards. 


The proposal hinged critically on the involvement of Mombasa’s regional government and senior business community, and it was to a large gathering of them that the second presentation advocated the benefits of engagement with the bright, energized and enthusiastic young people. 


The uniquely creative solutions presented under the banner of “MAKE IT HAPPEN”, were discussed late into the night, emphasising that this is clearly a potent issue. The seminars were a great success and have resulted in a register being created to facilitate the engagement of the two groups.