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Issue 11 - April 2022
I'm afraid I'm not feeling very creative. Something terrible and sad happened yesterday, and I simply feel fed-up and gloomy. So my apologies for a Grump that will be bereft of silly cartoons and the odd joke - this is a serious grump, actually, more of a rant, and I hope you will bear with me. I'll try and make up for it with a more classical production soon.
Nail in the coffin.jpg

Yesterday saw a terrible tragedy unfold in Pakistan. With a combination of intrigue, political machinations, corruption at the highest levels and active encouragement from the West, the country’s judiciary and parliament forced Imran Khan out of office.  

The bottom line in Pakistan is that Khan declared war against the appalling corruption that has plagued the country for decades. He went after the big political family dynasties that have pillaged the country of billions of dollars and taken refuge in the UK where, for reasons that are beyond me, like Russian Oligarchs until recently, they have been welcomed. He went after the Judiciary and the big mafia-like business tycoons that have been plaquing the nation for years. And he stood up to the busy-bodying, self-interested likes of Biden and his pet buffoon, Johnson (and let’s not forget them, their Indian side-kicks!). Little wonder, then, that his days in office were numbered. 

It has been in the USA’s interest to encourage this corruption over the years in exchange for bases and position in Pakistan - strategically it has been vital for them to stand off against China and be well placed to pursue their ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan and Iran. However, in pursuit of theses goals, they have sent over 400 drone strikes into Pakistan and killed over 80,000 people here since 9/11. 

Khan stood up to the US and told them to stop interfering in the region and he refused to align the country exclusively with them. Rather he forged new relationships with other partners (China, Turkey, Russia) and the US did not like it. Accordingly, they began pursuing their favourite foreign policy game - “Regime Change” - and they blatantly and unashamedly made overtures and payments to the old guard. The recently appointed US Ambassador and other US officials have held meetings with opposition leaders, even BEFORE presenting their credentials to the elected government.

Imran Khan was the best thing that had ever happened to this country and to see the selfish, ignorant machinations of the so-called ‘First World’ muddying the waters and facilitating yesterday’s coup was utterly shameful. The West virtuously promotes democracy, yet supports Israel against the Palestinians, studiously ignore the plight of Rohingyas because they have no strategic value, turns a blind eye to India for their persecution of Christians, Muslims and other minority religious groups and fuels the decimation of Yemen with instruments of war to Saudi Arabia. The list is endless and looking back, let’s not get started on Iraq and Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cuba, Korea….

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