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Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability: Implications for
the development of
and Hospitality in a fast
changing world.

An authoritative talk and
presentation by Charles Barker

Although there is a relationship between climate change and environmental sustainability, they are essentially different issues. In my talk, I discuss each issue separately and then consider the implications for the development of tourism and hospitality in our rapidly changing world.


​Questions that will be addressed include:

  • ​Is global action to address climate change much too little and much too late?

  • Should we just sit back and accept environmental degradation as our civilisations’ new normal?

  • What steps can be taken for mitigation and adaptation to climate change?

  • What new ways must we adopt to change our environment for a better and more sustainable future? 

  • What actions do we need to take today to ensure our very survival?

  • Are nations doing enough to tackle these overwhelming challenges? 

Workable solutions exist which MUST be adopted, and these are explored as the Z Generation and the coming of age of the Alfa Generation inherit our hitherto shameful legacy.
This talk is adaptable to suit ALL ages, and for audiences ranging from Schools and Universities, to Social Clubs, Civil Societies and other interested groups. 
To find out more information or make a booking for a talk, please contact me on +92.313 5744365 or send a message here.
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