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Hotel Inter.Continental, London, UK

An experienced hotelier and motivational speaker whose business and career has spanned the globe, Charles Barker has lived and worked in ten countries on five continents. Formally educated in the UK, he has run hotels and clubs for InterContinental Hotels, Forte and Peninsula, among others. See more here...

Offto Resort, Karimabad, GB, Pakistan

Charles is based in Islamabad from where he provides consulting services for the sustainable development of the hospitality and tourism industries, both in the public and private sectors, through his company, 
Hospitality Support & Consultancy Services.  
Lecture Kohsar Uni - May22 copy 3.jpg

Kohsar University, Murree, Pakistan

He is an established motivational speaker and trainer and has lectured in Universities and other Institutions in Oman, Hong Kong, Kenya and now frequently in Pakistan.  He talks regularly on Environmental and Sustainability issues and Climate Change and its implications for tourism and hospitality and its future leaders.
Baltit Fort 2 copy 2.png

Ultar Peak with Baltit Fort

and Karimabad below.

Also chairing a high quality, bespoke tour, trekking and travel company, Discovery Pakistan, Charles uses the platform for educating and assisting the development of sustainable tourism throughout the country and promoting the best of Pakistan on the world stage.  
A keen marine conservationist, Charles is an Advisory Board Director with the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, an anti-shark-finning NGO, and has organised several conferences and events on the environment and marine sustainability issues. He regularly calls to task nation states who permit / encourage whaling and dolphins culls. 

Black Tipped Reef Shark

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Charles is a published author, who has written four novels. He also writes about the environment and current affairs, subjects on which he also regularly appears on Television and Radio. Through his blog, 'The Grump', he lampoons and satirises global politicians and current affairs.
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