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Our objective is to provide consultancy services to all sectors of the hospitality & tourism industries, for large & small businesses, at all quality levels, for the benefit of all & to strive constantly to educate & lobby for a sustainable approach to the development of these important industries. 


HSCS is also engaged in promoting the very best of Pakistan through it's affiliate travel business, BESPOKE TOURING. It uses the platform for educating and assisting the development of safe and sustainable tourism throughout the country and showcasing the vibrancy of the nation on the world stage with it's bespoke tours, trips and expeditions.

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We organise Executive Retreats and Training, provide Key Note & Motivational Speaking and lecture at Business Forums, Universities & Schools.


Being creative is part of the Human Condition

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We have such a beautiful world, yet our capacity to abuse it knows no bounds. Fuelled mostly by greed, we have been plundering and abusing the Earth unforgivably, yet if we are to survive, our behaviour must change rapidly and completely.


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